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Kelsey Hanrahan Joins the Team

Please say “Hello” to Kelsey Hanrahan, our new Project Coordinator.

Back in March, we advertised an open position for the first time—not our first hire, mind you, just our first advertisement (read the post here if you like). We were a little overwhelmed by the response—more than 100 applicants! We narrowed them down and identified some incredibly talented candidates.

Kelsey impressed us from the start with her warm, yet professional, demeanor and get-it-done attitude. We’re certain our clients will be equally impressed. She brings years of agency experience managing projects for international health brands. Her diverse talents include photography—another skill we’ll put to good use.

We had a great first week onboarding and getting to know her. She’s a fantastic addition to the team and will help us continue doing amazing work for our clients.

If you’d like to meet Kelsey in person, stop by the office sometime or follow us on Twitter to find us out around town.

Markdown Dropbox Links

Here at rC, we use three things more than any other: Trello, Dropbox, and Macs.

A little while ago, we were having a problem concerning posting Dropbox links in Trello.

There are two ways to post items stored in Dropbox to Trello: drop a share link anywhere on the card or attach a file right out of Dropbox. These are great if you need to “quick look” a file. But what about when you want to open a PSD file and make changes? What we realized was both of these options lacked a critical piece of information—the path to the file in Dropbox.

So we started manually creating Markdown formatted links with the path that looked like this:


But that was tedious.

So I threw together a Mac OS X Automator Service to create these links using Javascript for Automation (JXA) and this handy JXA reference guide. So, now all we have to do is right-click on a file to get a Dropbox share link and right-click again to run the service. Voila! Markdown formatted link copied to the clipboard.

It only took about an hour and now we have both the quick access of the Dropbox share link and the path to the file without the tedium of creating the links manually.

If I have extra time at some point and feeling like fiddling with the Dropbox JS SDK, I’ll update the it to eliminate the need to generate the Dropbox link before running the service. But for now it does what we need it to and saves so much time.

Here’s the Gist if you’d like to use it:

Trello Business Class users beware—the Dropbox power up overrides Markdown formatted links in order to put a fancy Dropbox icon next to the raw URL.

The New Politics of Judicial Elections

We are happy to share that the latest edition of the New Politics of Judicial Elections Report was released today.

The bi-annual report, now in its 8th edition, has chronicled the threat posed by money and special interest pressure on fair and impartial courts for over a decade. It is a collaborative work that combines the efforts of Justice at Stake, The Brennan Center for Justice at the New York University School of Law, and The National Institute for Money in State Politics. And of course, our own.

Over the years, the influential report has been cited by numerous media outlets, other analytical reports, and even the Supreme Court of the United States. We have been proud to be a part of the effort to shine light on the critical issue of fairness in our courts.

This latest edition is a milestone in the report’s long history—it’s the first issue released online first and print second. This Web-first approach opened up opportunities to make the report content more interactive and engaging than ever before. Features like expandable content, sortable tables, interactive charts, and playable videos bring the 2013-14 report to life in a way unseen in previous reports.

And considerable resources went into showcasing the television ad archive. A custom content type and considerable meta data allow visitors to use search and filters to see the ads that most interest them.

Of course, we also produced a print version of the report which doubles as a beautiful, offline version. That will follow shortly.

If you’re interested in how money and special interests are influencing the justice system (and you should be), you can read the report online.

Emily Combs Joins Registered Creative

A bit more than a month ago, Emily Combs joined us full-time here in the shop. Emily brings a great blend of identity, print and web design experience, along with the print production chops to shepherd those designs from proof to press.

It’s been a great month. She came in, sat down and hit the ground running—off to a fantastic start!

I normally don’t attach much weight to the changing of the calendar but we’re especially excited about 2015 around these parts.

Catch us on our semi-regular, daily pilgrimages to The Cupcake Bar for coffee and/or cupcakes and say, “Hello.”

Twenty One Guns


On Monday, November 11th, we will be closed to honor the men and women who chose to serve in the U.S. armed forces. Their decision has allowed us all many freedoms. We hope you will join us in remembering them with solemn reflection, thanking them with sincere gratitude and setting aside any politics long enough to remember that we are all Americans because of them.

See you Tuesday.



Durham 5-Points Construction Project Time Lapse

Sometimes here at Registered, we do things just just to satisfy our own curiosity. We experiment. We play. We tinker. We make.

We hope to share many more of these with you but, for now, here is the first one. it is a time lapse project that I have just completed.

It is of a construction project that took place across the street from our office in the 5-Points area of downtown Durham. The video runs from December 19, 2011 to December 21, 2012.