We were thrilled to see our partners at Duke launch Autism & Beyond—one of the latest ResearchKit apps for iOS. Autism & Beyond is one of those rare opportunities to contribute to the greater good in an unprecedented scale. For our team in Durham, it’s incredibly satisfying to see our design work in the app and supporting website out in the wild.

About the App

Early detection of autism—and many other mental health issues—incredibly beneficial for both patients and families. Currently, the mean age of autism diagnosis is 5 years old, but can be diagnosed as early as 18 months. Autism & Beyond aims to decrease the mean diagnosis age.

“Autism & Beyond combines well-established screening questionnaires with a new video technology that makes it possible to analyze the emotions of children so that we may one day be able to automate the screening for conditions such as autism and anxiety,” said Ricky Bloomfield, Director of Mobile Technology Strategy and Assistant Professor in Internal Medicine & Pediatrics at Duke University. “ResearchKit enables us to put an entire medical study in a single app, reaching so many more people than we ever could before.”

Our Work

Helen Egger, Chief of Child and Family Mental Health and Developmental Neuroscience at Duke University School of Medicine reached out to us when the app was in its early prototype stages. The app—and the supporting website—needed to provide an approachable user interface, and present as uniquely trustworthy to parents allowing their children to be screened. She needed what we do best: Branding and design.

“The way this app, and others like it, will make a difference is by the sheer volume of data we can collect. To get participants on board, everything associated with this app needed to be welcoming,” said Egger. “Registered Creative was instrumental in helping us achieve that goal.”

We hit the ground running, iterating and coordinating quickly with multiple departments at Duke and Apple. We worked through app structure, look and feel, app icon and then the website. There were some long weekends, but everyone came together and we all hit our marks.

Find out more about Autism & Beyond by visiting the site. If you’re parent of a child from 1–6, get the app from the App Store and start helping out today.

David Spratte

Creative Director

About the Author

David has been working in design and photography for more than 20 years. When he’s not sweating the details at Registered, he’s likely working on his really old house, shooting personal projects or racing cars. Obviously not all at once.

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