Celebrating Independence

We're going to shut down the office Thursday and Friday this week in honor of independence, summer and fireworks. See you Monday. Photo from Pixabay.

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Durham 5-Points Construction Project Time Lapse

https://vimeo.com/57488467 Sometimes here at Registered, we do things just just to satisfy our own curiosity. We experiment. We play. We tinker. We make. We hope to share many more of…

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Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Our offices will be closed for Martin Luther King Day—January 21, 2013. We'll be back in the swing of things on Tuesday though. Photo is Public Domain.

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Hello (again) Durham

I’ve worked for different companies of various sizes — from a large corporation to a small independent shop and something that was in between. I’ve worked on a variety of things from copywriting to print design. My career had been a big ol’ grab bag of experiences. Around the turn of the century, I started getting an itch. That nagging, between the shoulder blades, can’t quite get to it itch.


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