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Making Good(s)

I’m a print guy. It’s what I got into early on—mostly because back then the web really didn’t exist as we know it today. So maybe “I’m a print guy.” is another way of saying “I’m a dinosaur.”

But it’s really all dots—everything we do comes down to just that… dots. Some are tiny dots of light. The others are dots of toner adhered to material by electrical charges or ink jetted under compression with varying degrees of precision.

But the kind of print that I really look forward to is offset—the act of inking up a plate or block of set type and pressing it against paper. Thinking about how the paper we’ve chosen will swell those little dots of ink. How will multiple inks interact with each other. What do you trap? What do you overprint? Screen printing is similar, I’ve just not done as much of it—something we hope to change.

There is something sublime about designing something that you can, ultimately, hold in your hands.

So we announced Registered Goods last summer but we left off another piece that’s been in the wild for about the same time. Our Record Books. We love our iPhones, iPads and Macs, but there are times when writing or sketching with pen or pencil on paper is just the right answer.

We spec’ed 100% recycled sheets from French Paper. We pushed the stock to 100# for the cover and nice thick 70# text for the pages. Then partnered with Joseph C. Woodard Printing for the production. They were gracious enough to let us in to shoot some pictures as the books made their way through production.

These pictures don’t really convey everything, maybe next run we should shoot video, to get the noise. The sounds of something being made—the imprinting of the plate to paper, the clatter of the folder making signatures and the sound of the books being stitched.

Announcing the Goods

No big secret that we really enjoying making “things.” From logos and identity systems all the way up to billboards and, of course, websites. Just this summer we cranked out a web project we thought would be fun: Durham Ipsum. The response was overwhelming and we have an idea or two for improvements to that. In the Durham Ipsum announcement we referenced that we wanted to explore making stuff for us on two fronts.

Well, today we get to announce the second one.

Introducing Registered Goods

Web stuff is awesome. But there’s something about print. Something about making anything where the end product can be held in your hands—that tactile satisfaction.

So we’re launching a very simple online store for Registered Goods. We’ll be purveyors of quality paper goods designed right here in Downtown Durham and locally produced.

And to pat ourselves on the back we’re going to give away 100 of our first product to launch.

The One Card

The entire story is on the Registered Goods site but the short version is we saw a need for the one card you can—just have on hand. Something with a bit more character than the free blank cards you get from Colonial Williamsburg. The ones you end up with because of that time you stayed there. You know, for business?

We wanted to make a greeting card that, by it’s slightly irreverent nature, has you covered from your anniversary to Valentine’s Day. And we’ve packed cotillion, a couple of equinoxes, Vesak and whole bunch of other stuff in between.

Curious? Us too.

We can’t wait to see how these go over. We’ve dropped 100 or so off with our downtown friends at The Cupcake Bar. Starting at noon today, stop in and politely ask for your card. This way 100 lucky people can check out our handiwork in person. Drop us a note at Registered Goods or give is a shout via Twitter.

Of course, we’ve got more. You can read more about the greeting cards at Registered Goods. You can even order some if curiosity is getting the best of you.