If you’re feeling jaded or overwhelmed by all the election talk, or feeling like your vote doesn’t count,* it’s important to remember that this election isn’t just about polarized, big-name candidates. This election also impacts what goes on in your state. Even in your county.

To fellow North Carolinians: Do you have feelings about HB2 and other choices made by our current governor? What about schools, museums, and libraries? Do you want to make sure there’s a candidate representing your opinions in both the U.S. and State Senates? You don’t have to know everything about every candidate for every office, but this is your chance to speak up on issues that make a difference in your life and the lives of others. It’s not fun to stand in polling lines, but there is satisfaction in knowing you’ve done your part to try to improve our government for the greater good. So go vote!

North Carolina Resources
Polling Lookup
Sample Ballot Lookup

Wake County Resources
Early Voting Info

Durham County Resources
Early Voting Info

*This article does a great job explaining why the election is not rigged.

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