Here at rC, we use three things more than any other: Trello, Dropbox, and Macs.

A little while ago, we were having a problem concerning posting Dropbox links in Trello.

There are two ways to post items stored in Dropbox to Trello: drop a share link anywhere on the card or attach a file right out of Dropbox. These are great if you need to “quick look” a file. But what about when you want to open a PSD file and make changes? What we realized was both of these options lacked a critical piece of information—the path to the file in Dropbox.

So we started manually creating Markdown formatted links with the path that looked like this:


But that was tedious.

So I threw together a Mac OS X Automator Service to create these links using Javascript for Automation (JXA) and this handy JXA reference guide. So, now all we have to do is right-click on a file to get a Dropbox share link and right-click again to run the service. Voila! Markdown formatted link copied to the clipboard.

It only took about an hour and now we have both the quick access of the Dropbox share link and the path to the file without the tedium of creating the links manually.

If I have extra time at some point and feeling like fiddling with the Dropbox JS SDK, I’ll update the it to eliminate the need to generate the Dropbox link before running the service. But for now it does what we need it to and saves so much time.

Here’s the Gist if you’d like to use it:

Trello Business Class users beware—the Dropbox power up overrides Markdown formatted links in order to put a fancy Dropbox icon next to the raw URL.

Mark Branly

Web Design & Development

About the Author

Mark has been working in web design and development for 20 years. When he’s not hashing things out for clients at Registered Creative, you’ll find him behind the lens or sampling Durham’s latest and greatest food and cocktail offerings.

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