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Now Hiring: Project Coordinator

We’re looking for a project coordinator to keep both client and internal projects on track. What kind of projects? Well-crafted identities, highly functional interfaces, beautiful print pieces, and persuasive content for all the above.

As project coordinator, you’ll get right to work maintaining project flow, interacting with clients, helping develop content for brands we build or manage, and collaborating on project strategy. Let’s call that a job description.

Having said all that, we’re a small shop and everyone needs to play a number of parts. Some of these parts will include: social media management, research, production design work, user testing and basic administrative tasks. As a team, we support each other in our work however we can. Big picture? We’re looking for someone to join us in solving problems—for ourselves and our clients.

What you need to do this job.

  • high degree of organization with experience coordinating multiple projects
  • strong written and verbal communication skills
  • ability to work collaboratively
  • strong sense of craft
  • proficiency with shifting voice in writing
  • focus required for developing longer form content
  • urgent drive to get shit done
  • capacity to give, and take, constructive feedback
  • willingness to tell clients things they need to know, but might not want to hear
  • intellectual curiosity

Ideally, you’d come in with this under your belt.

  • prior experience in design or marketing fields
  • a year or more working a crap service industry job
  • two or more years of juggling multiple projects somewhere else

Contract, Part-Time or Full-Time are all options we’re considering. We’re ready to get started as soon as we find the right person.

You’ll work out of our open and collaborative office in the bustling Five Points section of downtown Durham. Occasionally, you’ll meet local clients at their places of business throughout the Triangle.

Producing the best work possible for our clients is very important here. We also recognize the value of being away from work. Time to recharge, wind down, wind up—whatever it takes to come back and solve problems with clear minds and fresh eyes. In other words, if we’re still at work at 6:00 we should be on our way to a bar.

Speaking of hours, our office is open the usual 9 to 5, Monday through Friday. While we do offer some flexibility in schedule, keep in mind this position is client facing. That means being available when we say we are.

Ready to build great stuff with us? Write a brief email and send it to [email protected] convincing us that you are right for the job. No attachments, just use your words. Emails with attachments won’t be reviewed. No phone calls.

Update: The position has been filled. More about that soon.