We opened our doors in Downtown Durham back in 2012. We’ve worked out of 3 offices since then—all right on the loop. Being front and center for the changes in Durham over the last seven years has been exhilarating.

Downtown isn’t the only thing that’s changed in that time. The way we work has too. More and more clients—even the local ones—prefer to meet via video conference. I’ve been telecommuting three days a week already. The rest of the in-house team had telecommuting Fridays for a while now.

When the opportunity came up to exit our lease in the Kress building, we took it.

The Benefits

They are several—better quality of life, lessened the impact on the environment, and increased productivity. There’s a good chance, given our toolsets, that most clients will never notice this change, but it was important to talk about it.

Between Basecamp, Zoom, and our existing VOIP service, the core team can work from just about anywhere that provides an internet connection.

Even with that flexibility, you have a good chance of seeing us at one co-working space or another at some point soon.


We’ll be making the most significant bit of the move tomorrow and Friday. We don’t expect much downtime on these days, but there may be a delay on getting back to you.

David Spratte

Creative Director

About the Author

David has been working in design and photography for more than 20 years. When he’s not sweating the details at Registered, he’s likely working on his really old house, shooting personal projects or racing cars. Obviously not all at once.