We are happy to share that the latest edition of the New Politics of Judicial Elections Report was released today.

The bi-annual report, now in its 8th edition, has chronicled the threat posed by money and special interest pressure on fair and impartial courts for over a decade. It is a collaborative work that combines the efforts of Justice at Stake, The Brennan Center for Justice at the New York University School of Law, and The National Institute for Money in State Politics. And of course, our own.

Over the years, the influential report has been cited by numerous media outlets, other analytical reports, and even the Supreme Court of the United States. We have been proud to be a part of the effort to shine light on the critical issue of fairness in our courts.

This latest edition is a milestone in the report’s long history—it’s the first issue released online first and print second. This Web-first approach opened up opportunities to make the report content more interactive and engaging than ever before. Features like expandable content, sortable tables, interactive charts, and playable videos bring the 2013-14 report to life in a way unseen in previous reports.

And considerable resources went into showcasing the television ad archive. A custom content type and considerable meta data allow visitors to use search and filters to see the ads that most interest them.

Of course, we also produced a print version of the report which doubles as a beautiful, offline version. That will follow shortly.

If you’re interested in how money and special interests are influencing the justice system (and you should be), you can read the report online.

Mark Branly

Web Design & Development

About the Author

Mark has been working in web design and development for 20 years. When he’s not hashing things out for clients at Registered Creative, you’ll find him behind the lens or sampling Durham’s latest and greatest food and cocktail offerings.

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