Our brief window to sell TRE45ON shirts via Cotton Bureau has come to a close. Thanks to those who purchased the shirt, we were able to donate $200 to ACLU. If you missed out on the window to snag one, you can always request the campaign again in the Cotton Bureau shop.

We’ll continue working on new options and messages for protest gear. We hope to make it easy to take action, stay involved, and get a clear message across in the next protest on your list. Have an idea? Want to raise money for a particular organization? Let us know on Twitter @regCreative.

As a way of saying thank you for your support on a successful shirt campaign, we’re releasing a TRE45ON poster — for free. Like our TRE450N stencil (which is also free for download), the poster art is vector-based and can be scaled up or down in size without losing quality. Each PDF is sized at 11” x 17” (also known as “tabloid” here in the U.S.), so, you can print it “as is” at home or take it to your local quick-print shop.

Emily Combs

Lead Designer

About the Author

Emily brings a great blend of identity, print and web design experience, along with the print production chops to shepherd those designs from proof to press. When she’s not designing, you can probably find her under a pile of cats.